Conversations with Barbara Features Mask Makers

The Masks for Falmouth mask makers were featured recently on Barbara Kanellopoulos’s show, “Conversations with Barbara,” on Falmouth Community Television. They discuss how the effort got started, considerations in mask making, and other issues in wearing face masks to protect against transmission of Covid-19.

4 Replies to “Conversations with Barbara Features Mask Makers”

  1. I already gave away my sewing machine and material to someone to make masks with but I have lots of thread I could give to your group. Please let me know if you’d like various colors of thread. Thanks for you efforts. Amy

  2. I enjoyed your video. I’ve been making masks since March 28 and have made over 1300 by myself. I live on Shore Street and hang them outside, 8-10 at a time for anyone who needs a free one. They fly off the line! I’m thankful to have the time, donated supplies and energy to help keep Falmouth and our visitors safe. Thanks, Kathy Hall

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