Masks for Falmouth is a volunteer group of over 40 people whose mission it is to create and distribute non-medical face masks during the Covid-19 pandemic to people who live and work in Falmouth, especially essential workers, older people, and vulnerable populations. There is no charge for these face masks.

We welcome additional volunteer mask makers, fabric cutters, and delivery people, as well as donations of 100 percent cotton fabric, thread, elastic, and other sewing supplies.

Masks should always be used as part of a larger coronavirus prevention strategy involving social distancing, hand washing, surface disinfection, and staying home as much as possible.

For more information, contact us at

Masks for Falmouth Steering Committee:

Penny Duby
Carrie Fradkin
Ilene Karnow
Marilyn Rowland
Paula Stone
Mary Stuck
Laura Winslow

Masks for Falmouth Mask Makers:

Alice Carey
Athena Aicher
Barbara Kanellopoulous
Barbara Nickerson
Betsy Hike
Bev Williams
Carrie Fradkin
Catherine Kligler
Cedith Copenhaver
Christine Kircun
Christine Lynch
Christine Uljua
Debra Siegert
Denise Decoste
Donna Jean Jost
Don Knope
Eleanor Fothergill
Ilene Karnow
Isabelle McDonald
Janice Dougherty
Janice Marks
Jayne Knapp
Jean Lange
Jeanine Kelly
JoAnn Fishbein
Joyce Bock
Judi Hirshfield-Bartek
Judy McAlister
Karen Epstein
Karen Mullaly
Kari-Lise Richer
Katharine Paul
Kathy Allen
Katia Regina Dacunha
Kit O’Connor
Laura Cole
Laura Winslow
Laurie Hogan
Laurie Leitner
Linda Karman
Linda Thomasi
Liz Moakley
Marie Keras
Marilyn Rowland
Mary Lou Renne
Mary Stuck
Mary Tamucci
Maureen Ellis
Nancy McDonald
Nancy Murphy
Olivia White
Pamela Neubert
Pat Sweeney
Patti Haney
Paula Stone
Penelope Duby
Phyllis Huse
Qi McIntosh
Sally Holbrook
Sharon Lowberg
Sheri O’Malley
Sue Hobart
Sue Johnson
Sue Silvia
Susan Gilbert
Susan Sarzalski
Terri Ford
Tracey Crago
Trish Favulli
Vivian Esswein-Leary

Masks for Falmouth Mask Distribution:

Masks for Falmouth has made several thousand masks for individuals and for distribution through organizations, including:

Belonging to Each Other
Church of the Messiah Woods
Community Systems, Inc. staff
Disabled vets (various)
Falmouth Art Center
Falmouth Community Television staff
Falmouth Enterprise staff
Falmouth Fish Market
Falmouth Jewish Congregation
Falmouth Public Library
Falmouth Senior Center
Falmouth Service Center
Falmouth VIPS
Featherlight Farms
Fidelis Hospice
Food for Vets
Horizons for Homeless Children
League of Women Voters of Falmouth
Green Pond Fish Market
Medical office staff (various)
Neighborhood Falmouth
Newcomers Club
Penny’s Bin
Royal Nursing Homes
Sober houses
Stop and Shop
Waquoit Congregational Church