Masks for Falmouth relies on donations of fabric, sewing supplies, and funds to make the create the many masks that are needed to help protect us all from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are grateful for the many donations we have received, but, as the pandemic continues into the fall and schools reopen, we are receiving more and more requests for masks.

The following fabrics and supplies are needed:

  1. High quality, tightly woven 100% cotton quilting fabrics are preferred, though other materials, such as silk and t-shirt material, may also be suitable for linings, filters or ties. If you have any questions about the suitability of fabrics you may wish to donate, please contact us at
  2. Elastic, preferably 1/4 inch or a size (usually 1/8) specifically made for masks.
  3. Double-fold bias tape, nylon cording, and other materials that may be used for mask ties
  4. Thread, white or any color
  5. Sewing machine needles
  6. Sewing machines, or loan of sewing machine
  7. Rotary cutters and mats
  8. Pinking shears

To make a financial contribution, go to our Go Fund Me page. Thank you!