There are many, many non-medical face mask tutorials and patterns available on Youtube and other websites. Most are based on scientific principles on how to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, and some are recommended by various doctors, nurses, and medical facilities, but these are all considered non-medical masks. There efficacy depends, in part, upon the materials used, the snugness of the fit, and precautions taken by the user.  Here are a few links to face mask patterns, in alphabetical order, that we have found helpful.

CDC Guidance on Masks

Cloth Face Coverings

Importance Information Regarding Your Cloth Face Coverings

Mask Tutorials

41 Printable Olson and Pleated Face Mask Patterns by Hospitals

41 Free Face Mask Sewing Patterns Approved by 64 Hospitals (+ PDF Printables)

By a Nurse for a Nurse

Deaconess Hospital Face Mask collection of mask videos by a nurse/quilter.

Leah Day. This one has a pocket for a filter (furnace/AC filters, vacuum
cleaner  bags, flannel, nonwoven interfacing, flannel, even paper
towels are suggested)

The Olson Mask

A Surgeon’s guide to making a face mask


Mask Ties

How to Cut a Tee-Shirt into One Continuous Strip–for Face Mask Ties