The Masks for Falmouth team includes a number of people who cut mask pieces, sew masks, and deliver supplies, but the need for masks is great. We are seeking additional volunteers who sew and those willing to support their efforts to supply masks to our community. Donations of fabric and sewing supplies are also needed.

Volunteers needed for the following tasks. If you would like to volunteer for one of these positions please contact us at

  1. People to collect or donate fabric
  2. People to collect or donate notions and tools
  3. People to wash, dry, and fold donated or purchased fabric
  4. People to store fabric
  5. People to cut fabric into squares, rectangles, or patterns for masks
  6. People to cut fabric into strips for mask ties
  7. People to put cut fabric, fabric strips, and notions into kits to distribute to those who will sew the masks
  8. Runner coordinator
  9. Runners to bring fabric, kits, and masks to appropriate workers, including the following responsibilities:
    • pick up fabric and take to people who will wash the fabric
    • take washed fabric to persons storing the fabric
    • deliver stored fabric to cutters
    • deliver cut fabric to sorters/kit makers
    • deliver kits to sewers
    • pick up finished masks from sewers and deliver to mask coordinator
    • pick up finished masks from mask coordinator and deliver finished masks to organization/persons requesting masks

Fabric and Sewing Supplies Needed:

  1. High quality, tightly woven 100% cotton quilting fabrics are preferred, though other materials, such as silk and t-shirt material, may also be suitable for linings, filters or ties. If you have any questions about the suitability of fabrics you may wish to donate, please contact us at
  2. Elastic, preferably 1/4 inch or a size specifically made for masks.
  3. Double-fold bias tape, twill tape, nylon cording, and other materials that may be used for mask ties
  4. Thread, white or any color
  5. Sewing machine needles
  6. Sewing machines, or loan of sewing machine
  7. Rotary cutters and mats
  8. Pinking shears

To donate through our Go Fund Me page, go to: